Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Updates #7-8

With slightly less than a fortnight left in the Kickstarter campaign, Unknown Realms: The Siege Perilous has received a couple of updates. Update #7 answers several of the common backer questions regarding the game's length and the Commodore 64 version. Update #8 goes into detail describing the currently announced stretch goals: additional tilesets and seasonal FX, and additional Quest Cards. Apart from that that, Update #8 provides a sneak peak of a future stretch goal: Bounty Hunter Mode.

Here's the developers talking about the game's length:

First, how many hours of gameplay will this game offer? We estimate this game will have about 40+ hours of gameplay to complete the main plot. This doesn't include exploring side quests or going back and playing with different characters and skill sets, which will add additional hours of gameplay. The game will also have multiple endings that players can explore.

And here's a snippet of them describing their stretch goals:

Additional Tilesets and Seasonal FX

Currently we plan on having over 1500 tiles for the game. However, in the past we did some tests using alternate nighttime tiles and we liked the ambiance they added. Nighttime tiles will enhance the way a player experiences the night and day cycles in Unknown Realm and help reveal things that can only be discovered during the night.

Seasonal FX allow us to have variations on regular tiles such as fall and winter elements, and give us the opportunity to include some environmental fx such as washed out bridges and snowed in areas in the game. The winter season in particular opens up game elements we would like to include such as ice caves and survival components. You'll also have to figure out how to protect yourself from the winter elements.