GameBanshee Patreon Campaign and Discord Server Launched!

Happy New Year! It's the first day of 2017, and that seems like a great time to launch two services that we have been contemplating for a very long time. The first of these is our brand new Patreon page, where we've put together a set of (initial) goals that that we will be striving toward over the coming years. There are a variety of goals represented, including our plans to procure some additional software we need, implement a new design, and upgrade our server to more substantial hardware. There are also a variety of pledge levels for those of you who are interested in tossing a few dollars toward furthering these goals. We'll be giving away games each month and will be assembling some physical items for anyone willing to pledge toward the higher tiers, too.

As we state on the Patreon page itself, if you've ever spent time on GameBanshee catching up on the latest RPG news, tapping into an interesting interview, referencing a walkthrough, checking out our take on a particular game, or simply browsing our database of RPGs to strengthen your knowledge of role-playing history, please consider becoming a patron. We are absolutely indebted to the community who has brought us this far, and to each and every person who chooses to support us over the next 17 years. You'll be hearing more about our Patreon campaign on a regular basis, and we encourage you to let us know if you have any questions about the pledge levels or goals.

You'll notice that many of the pledge levels support custom Discord roles, and that brings us to our second service launch announcement. We've set up a Discord server for GameBanshee, and would like to invite every one of our viewers to join the server and participate in real-time text and voice chat discussions regarding role-playing games or any other topics under the sun. If you happen to be supporting us on Patreon at various pledge levels, then you'll automatically receive a custom title/role on the server, too. If there is enough interest among the community, we can also set up custom channels and such for specific pledge levels.

Once again, we want to wish our entire community a great new year and want to say thanks for sticking with us over the past 17 years! We look forward to delivering you even more RPG information and content throughout 2017.