Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Updates #1-6, $67,592 and Counting

CRPG and Commodore 64 fans can rejoice, as there have been a half dozen updates to the Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Kickstarter campaign, the latest of which announces that the project is now funded with 18 more days to go. Prior to that announcement, the most notable updates have been #3 and #4, which reveal screenshots of the game's amazingly retro in-game character sheet. A few paragraphs on the game's character progression system:
As you can see here, Unknown Realm will use a classless character system that focuses on skills or abilities. This sheet displays the skills that will be available to you in the game. When you start out, you get a set number of points to distribute between the skills based on your gameplay interests. The skills go from 0 to 9. These skills modify your ability to do various actions in the game. For example, an increased language skill will allow you to do things such as read cryptic runes or communicate with certain monsters. Increased stealth skill will allow you to be more successful at pick-pocketing other NPCs, lock-picking and other “stealthy” things. You can earn more skill points in the game when you “level up” and you will be able to distribute them as you see fit. You will also earn more skill points when you complete various quests that exercise a particular skill. When your skill points improve, you may find that you can do tasks that you weren't able to do before, such as go back and read an ancient book or inscription that you couldn't decipher earlier, which in turn will help unlock new clues regarding quests.

Keep in mind, since the game is technically in a pre-alpha state, some of these features are not fully set in stone yet, and may change during playtesting. The most important thing to us about these skills is that they have a recognizable impact on gameplay actions and that the player knows it. Many games from this age just gave lip service to skill types and players had no idea what cause and effect relationship they had on gameplay. We instead decided to make a smaller core set of skills that directly relate to gameplay actions. If it turns out that the player is not connecting the dots to the effect of a particular skill during playtesting, we will modify or drop it accordingly.

Another thing you may have noticed about the stats here is that this game will have a max gold carry. The max gold carry will go up with your “level” and will also increase depending on what companion you have with you at the time. There will also be ways to “deposit” excess gold in the game in personal chests at a bank, or on a ship...if you have one. Which we'll talk about in another update.