The Age of Decadence Final Content Update

The Age of Decadence has received its final content update, according to the developers. It expands the endgame and as such the patch notes are a bit nebulous, so as to avoid spoilers:

  • If you decide to return to the temple and bring one of the lords with you, you'll get a proper road trip with various challenges. Different lords will have different escorts and ways of dealing with said challenges.
  • You'll see the changes taking place in and around the temple, which will explain a lot, and witness a certain conversation.
  • If you saved a certain guildmaster, he'll make an appearance and you might regret saving his ungrateful ass.
  • A certain unscrupulous gentleman might be convinced to tag along and get his own, much anticipated ending.
  • If you did nothing of importance in the third chapter and a certain ritual took place without you, it will unlock an exciting new career in manual labor and pyramid building.
  • If that ritual did take place without your knowledge, it will change your options at the temple.

Important to note, while the game is now content-complete, other updates are still planned for the next year. The intent there is to retrofit some of the new Dungeon Rats functionality into The Age of Decadence, so stay tuned.