The 10 Best Star Wars Games in the Galaxy, Ever

It's tough for me to get fully behind TechRadar's list of the ten best Star Wars titles when Obsidian's Knights of the Old Republic sequel didn't make the cut, but I can't dispute the fact that BioWare's original title deserves the #1 spot and that Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars: Galaxies should be among those on the pedestal. I have a soft spot for the original arcade game, too, but let's stick to the top role-playing achiever:

Could there have ever been any other game to top this list? Taking BioWare’s expertise from the Baldur’s Gate RPG series and transporting it to the Star Wars universe, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a classic role playing game, and RPG genre tentpole to boot.

Superbly written (and cleverly set many years before the influence of ANY Star Wars films’ events can affect its narrative untowardly), Knights of the Old Republic was a galaxy spanning tale with memorable characters, a smart combat system and some wonderful locations.

It ticked pretty much every box, from training up to be a Jedi to letting you explore key locations from the Star Wars universe. And it did so without ever feeling like it compromised either the Star Wars universe or gameplay in general.

Though it released first on the original Xbox, it’s now easily playable on PC, Mac and all major mobile platforms - so there’s no excuses to not dive back into this classic title, which holds up surprisingly well to this day.

Here’s hoping BioWare will one day be allowed to visit that (offline) galaxy far, far away once more.