Tom Clancy's The Division Survival DLC Reviews

Now that quite a few people have spent a reasonable amount of time with Survival, the second set of DLC for Tom Clancy's The Division, we are starting to see a handful of reviews making their way online.

Kotaku offers up an impressions piece:

There are some complaints in The Division fan community that the game’s expansions should add more to the main game’s story. They lament that Survival, like the initial Underground expansion before it, is more of a gameplay remix than a big new thing. I’m not sure if that’s the best way to describe it, but it might be. It might also be that this remix is an excellent addition to the game. So far, I’m having a very good time dipping into Survival missions and trying to eke out slightly better progress. I’ll be able to judge it better if I can keep myself warm and get to the center of Manhattan, past the crash site, into the orange Dark Zone and eventually, finally, get airlifted out of the cold.

Forbes doesn't score it:

The Division acts like it’s trying to do something different here, but it’s really just copying and pasting from outside the genre, and the result is something that doesn’t feel like it belongs in the game at all. After a number of solid steps forward as Massive works to improve the game, Survival might not be a step backward for The Division, but it’s like the game has taken a hard right turn and started marching in a direction that doesn’t make any sense.

Gaming Boulevard gives it an 8/10:

This second expansion isn't an easy one since you're faced with a lot of problems. Keeping track of the virus, controlling your body temperature and trying to defeat the boss isn't easy but it's definitely worth the ride. Survival can become rather frustrating at some points but it's an experience worth taking, especially when you can share it with your friends. This is what The Division should have offered from the start although this expansion is a bit too short to really demonstrate the potential.

And Let's Play Video Games gives it an 80%:

I love Survival. The mode is a shorter, fun-sized blast of what makes The Division so much fun, while also managing to put an interesting slant on some of the core game’s mechanics. The focus on crafting, cosmetics and scavenging in an even playing field for all players, instead of min-maxing the best character possible and sticking with it, makes it a nice change of pace. While I question the lack of content and the overall feeling of detachment from the rest of the game, Survival was worth the delay.