Conan Exiles Interview and 3D Models

When you're finished checking out a set of new 3D models on the official Conan Exiles Facebook page, you can head over to for an interview with creative director Joel Bylos that covers such topics as the server implementation, character creation and progression systems, PvE and PvP distribution, and more. Check it out:

MMORPG: Can you share how progression will work?

JB: Conan Exiles is a game in the survival genre, so there are a couple of progression systems for people to pay attention to, Crafting and Character. As you level up, you earn crafting points to spend on recipes and you also earn character points to spend on increasing some of your stats. The crafting system is gated progression – it will rely on your ability to harvest materials in the world, locate special recipes and build machines to help you in the production of materials. The character system reflects the changes that occur in your Exile over time – growing stronger, faster, more resilient etc.


MMORPG: You mentioned players being able to build up their own cities, but also the ability to destroy them, how will this work in the game?

JB: We have a freeform building system that will allow you craft any building that your imagination will allow (as long as it is made of stone, steel and wood). In addition we have several large workbenches and facilities that will require their own spaces. We’ve also created mechanics that require you to do a little bit of civic planning. You can’t build an altar to Mitra right next to a temple of Set, for example, and these mechanics facilitate creating larger spaces like villages and towns.

Tearing them down is really as simple as attacking them! We have created a system that allows players and NPCs to destroy buildings – but we have also created some ways for you to counter these attacks. This includes a system for recruiting NPC Archers and Guard to watch over your town when you aren’t online.