Wasteland 3 Fig Update #1, $2,205,472 and Counting

The Wasteland 3 Fig crowdfunding campaign (I'm not going to lie, I was writing Kickstarter without thinking about it at first) has received its first update. As most of these first updates, it focuses on answering some community questions and boasting about the impressive early results of the campaign. And to be fair, with $2,205,472 raised so far ($1.7 million of which are coming from investments), the campaign is already very close to getting funded:

Nothing is more nerve wracking than launching a crowdfunding campaign, but you have blown us away with your support for Wasteland 3. Only 10 hours into the campaign, and we're already 73% funded with over 9,000 backers! We're overjoyed to be co-funding this game with you and making it happen once again!

It's also worth noting that the developers are already looking into opening Paypal support. Given Fig works much like Kickstarter in that the developers only receive funds if the campaign is successful, I imagine they'll wait until the $2.75 million goal is reached, though:

We've received many inquiries about things like future updates, stretch goals and more add-ons – don't worry, we have many details about the game cooking that we'll be discussing shortly. One common question is whether we'll support backing through PayPal, and not to worry, we're working on it and will have news on it as soon as we can.