Tyranny Spellcraft and Dungeon Livestream

Last night, the folks at Obsidian Entertainment streamed some new gameplay footage from Tyranny over at Paradox Interactive's official Twitch channel. The stream included a look at the game's spellcrafting system and a dungeon crawling romp through an Old Wall area. The difficulty was ramped up to Hard, so this stream offers a better look of how Tyranny plays than previous streams, which had the difficulty turned down to Story Mode.

Gameplay-wise, it looks like a visually cleaner and more - pardon me for using the word - "casual" successor to Pillars of Eternity. The final boss fight shown on stream looked fun, so I still have some hope, but I personally don't feel this combat system matches my design preferences. Hopefully, the rest of the game's components will make up for it, though.

Update: The stream is now available on YouTube, on Paradox's ParadoxExtra channel: