GB Feature: Fallout 4 DLC Review

Rather than critique each piece of DLC individually, we've put together a a five-page review that covers all six of Bethesda's downloadable add-ons for Fallout 4, as well as the post-release patch support that we've seen for the combat-heavy RPG. Here's a little something on Nuka-World to whet your appetite:

When you reach Nuka-World, you discover that the front part of the park is being run by raiders, and that you have to prove yourself to them by running through a crazy gauntlet. Unfortunately, this gauntlet is almost a carbon copy of the Saw-inspired parking garage from the main game, so it's not very exciting if it's a rerun for you. It also relies heavily on floor traps, which most high-level characters can ignore.

But past the gauntlet, the DLC gets more interesting. Nuka-World has five regions, and the raiders only control Nuka-Town USA. You can also explore Dry Rock Gulch, the home of Mad Mulligan's Minecart Ride; the Galactic Zone, complete with its Nuka-Galaxy roller coaster; Kiddie Kingdom, where you can visit King Cola's caste; and Safari Adventure, a zoo with a giant tree house.

The amusement park is by far the best part of the DLC. It's well-designed, it gives you lots of rides and attractions to check out, and it's completely different than anything Fallout 4 has shown before. And by completing the main questline, you're allowed to turn on the power at the park, which means you can even go on a few of the rides, including the ferris wheel and one of the roller coasters.