Hellgate: London Revival Relaunch, Spiritual Successor Hellrift Revealed

During one of my periodic visits to the Hellgate Revival forums, I've found myself surprised at the number of active developments going on at the moment, and figured I'd bring them to your attention here as it's one of the few years-old action RPGs that still beckons to me from time to time.

First, it's worth noting that some of the original assets for Flagship's Hellgate: London have made their way to the Internet, and that's led to a Hellgate Revival relaunch that seeks to better understand the action RPG from a code perspective and potentially stand up a working server so that we can once again play the game in multiplayer.  Not only would such a development mean that the campaign could be played through in co-op again, but we'd also be able to explore Stonehenge and potentially even some of the other multiplayer-only areas, such as the Abyss. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one, in particular the wiki that's tracking its progress.

Furthermore, in a separate announcement, we learn about the development of a new game entitled Hellrift by the small team at Fledgling Studios, which is intended to be a spiritual successor to the original Hellgate: London. There's a Facebook page up and running that features various pieces of concept art, as well as a promising screenshot that's described as such:

We are dedicated to being transparent during the development of Hellrift, so you'll see raw images like these. They aren't much to look at, but they will usually signify an important piece of progress, such as a newly implemented gameplay mechanic.

This is a screen from the initial test we ran on the random loot system. The colored beams, as with many games, indicate the rarity of the item to which they are attached. As of right now, we have a very limited list of affixes that can be found on higher rarity items, and the system still has a few small issues to work out, but we expect to have it sorted out early next week and can start building on the foundation we've created.

Looking forward to seeing how both of these projects pan out.