Tyranny Twitch Livestream

If you're interested in Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Entertainment's isometric CRPG Tyranny, a livestream of the game build that was showcased at E3 is currently live on Paradox's official Twitch channel. We'll update the newspost with the VOD recording of the stream and a brief description as soon as available. Update: A recording of the livestream is available at this link:

The livestream showed the same scenario that Obsidian previously demoed at E3, though this time with commentary from game director Brian Heins. The stream also concluded with a Q&A that tackled questions about the game's length, reactivity, companions and combat, but unfortunately some answers were lost due to the audio cutting off. Tyranny is still slated for a release this year, though Paradox and Obsidian haven't been more specific than that on the release date.