Gwent: The Witcher Card Game E3 2016 Preview and Interview

We've been able to find more E3 coverage of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game since our last post, starting with this video interview from website Gamerheadquarters, which you can find embedded below:

There is also a write-up based on the hands-on experiences of RPGFan's Jesse Woo:

The UI has also been completely redone for ease of use, and the cards themselves look beautiful. So called "premium" cards have improved, almost holographic images, but do not appear to offer any advantages in play. Playing against our own Robert Steinman for bragging rights felt nerve-wracking — especially because, as a Gwent newbie, he had a CDPR employee helping him — but the tension was satisfying.

Much to our surprise, Gwent also offers a substantial, story-driven single player mode that will expand on the Witcher universe and lore. Many stories will involve Geralt, but not all. Each of the several campaigns will contain over 10 hours of gameplay and allow players to once again free-roam the world, albeit with a top-down isometric view. Gwent's concept is that the card battles represent the clash of opposing forces in real life, so by stumbling upon items and characters in-game, players will build their army and their decks.