Five CRPGs We Should Check Out

Given the fact that it includes the entire Eschalon series, this feature on Play Die Reload that seeks to profile "five CRPGs you should check out" technically spans a total of seven titles. Still, if you haven't yet picked up Serpent in the Staglands, Konung 2, Underrail, Balrum, or any of the Eschalon games, then perhaps this article will convince you that it's time to do so.  A snip on Konung 2:

Initially Konung 2 seems like a game to pass over as there is no in game tutorial, however with persistence this open world game can offer some interesting gameplay.

Konung 2's point of interest is helping villages empower themselves to protect their property from bandits. For example you can send villagers off for training to improve their blacksmithing skills and make better weapons for the village. You also build things for the villages like shipyards, barracks etc and find people to fill the roles required for each one.