Tyranny Developer Diary #4: Archons

Game director Brian Heins penned a new developer diary for Tyranny, the fourth so far, which offers a look at the Archons, figures of great influence and power in the empire of Kyros the Overlord. Here's an excerpt on the Archon of War, Graven Ashe:

Graven Ashe is the Archon of War and general of the Disfavored, one of Kyros’ elite armies. Before serving Kyros, Graven Ashe fought against the Overlord in defense of his homeland. It was during this desperate defense that Ashe’s powers as an exarch began to manifest. His soldiers would rise from the battlefield, healed of all but the most lethal wounds.

These abilities allowed his army to resist the Overlord’s invasion for longer than any other since the early days of Kyros’ conquest. They also brought him to the attention of Blood Ruin, then Archon of War and leader of Kyros’ invading soldiers.

The final battle between Graven Ashe and Blood Ruin was the greatest of the Age. Though Ashe ultimately emerged triumphant – claiming the mantle of Archon of War – he and his army were weakened by the battle and Ashe was captured by other Archons loyal to Kyros.

Graven Ashe was dragged before Kyros. No one knows what the Overlord said, or did, to the rebellious general. But from that day forward, Graven Ashe served Kyros loyally as the new Archon of War.