Tyranny Short Story Series, Part Two: Commission

Narrative designer Paul Kirsch presented a new short story set in the world of Tyranny, Obsidian's upcoming RTwP RPG, on the game's official website. This time the story takes place in the ranks of another military force at the service of Kyros the Overlord, the Disfavored, and is titled Commission. An excerpt:

“Stand at attention!”

Aurora straightened her posture and struck a respectable salute. She knew only one person in the legion who could trumpet over the din of battle: Iron Marshal Erenyos. When she made her presence heard, no one stood at ease.

The Disfavored lieutenant marched into the training arena wearing the armor of her station – the imposing plates and skull-shaped mask of an Iron Guard. She turned to survey the dozen assembled members of Aurora’s cohort.

“Close order!” she called.

The soldiers responded with single-minded coordination – arranging themselves in a two-layered phalanx, locking into their assigned spots and raising their shields with practiced ease. This was the default form they were to execute in the event of an ambush. The Iron Marshal was testing their reflexes. Aurora steadied her breathing and held herself in a battle-ready stance.

The Second Cohort lived in anticipation of marching on their enemies in the South. Graven Ashe and his twisted counterpart, the Voices of Nerat, had already dispatched a Scarlet Chorus mob to prepare the way for an organized invasion. Was this to be their hour of glory?

The Iron Marshal walked down the line and nodded, stopping once to knock the wind out of a soldier whose breastplate was improperly secured. At the end of her survey, she spun on her heel and called:

“Stone Shield Aurora!”

It took Aurora a moment to register her name. She gasped and stepped forward. “Present!”

The Iron Marshal advanced on her, taking a scroll from the case looped at her hip. The vellum was bound by a seal of purple wax, but Aurora had seen enough of these pass her by that she didn’t need to guess at its contents.

“Congratulations are in order, soldier!” the Iron Marshal barked. “The Archon of War has deemed you worthy to command the Second Cohort. Prepare to march at first light.”