The Dark Eye RPG Kickstarter Campaign Concludes Successfully at $147,512

If you're a tabletop RPG enthusiast and have always had an interest in Das Schwarze Auge, but you're like me and don't speak a lick of German, then you can celebrate the fact that The Dark Eye English Edition Kickstarter campaign finished successfully this evening at a staggering amount of $147,512 compared to its original goal of $10,000. For now, we can revel in the Quick Start Rules PDF, but we'll have more to consume very soon as the rulebooks will start to debut next month:

The Dark Eye will be supported with an aggressive release schedule.

New rule books, adventures, supplements, and more… everything you’ll need to build an exciting campaign for your adventurers in the uniquely realistic and compelling setting of Aventuria! The Aventurian Bestiary and Aventuria Almanac are especially useful – watch for them coming out soon!

Here are the additional products planned for the next several months:

July 2016 Revelations from Heaven (64-page softcover adventure)

August 2016 Aventurian Bestiary (128-page hardcover sourcebook) and The Vampire of Havena (64-page softcover solo adventure)

September 2016 Aventuria Almanac (240-page hardcover sourcebook with 2 maps), Digest-sized Core Rules (416-page softcover rulebook), and Arivor’s Doom (64-page softcover adventure.

October 2016 Starless Sky (336-page large paperback short story anthology) and Aventuria Adventure Card Game (stand-alone card game, 272 cards, rules, counters, etc.)

November 2016 The White Lake (64-page softcover adventure), Aventuria Map Set (7 maps in different sizes & 1 large poster), and GM Screen (4 panel screen & 48 page sourcebook about taverns)