Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Reviews

A few reviews for Far Harbor, the first legitimately story-based DLC for Fallout 4, have been released. There's not enough of them to truly gauge the response, but they're all positive, and from the feedback I've heard and read from players so far, I imagine it's likely that might follow for the majority of the upcoming reviews too.

VG247, scoreless.

I was quite disappointed in Fallout 4 vanilla's main quest and endings, but Far Harbor makes none of the same mistakes. It's much easier to maintain cohesive and satisfying writing over a contained expansion as opposed to an umpteen hour game (as we've seen with games like The Witcher 3, for example) and I suspect we can see that at play here. For all its unraveling conspiracies the stories of Far Harbor are focused and driven, and manage to be a great deal of fun while giving weight to serious matters.

Pacifist players will be delighted to find that there's almost always some way to talk their way out of a situation and resolve things without fighting another major criticism of Fallout 4 vanilla. While Fallout 4 had a sort of round robin ending where no matter who you sided with two of the four factions were going to take a walloping, Far Harbor offers a much more complicated scenario in which two inter-connected quests, each with multiple possible endings, result in dozens of possible end-states. Restoring saves and backtracking I was impressed with the contingencies on offer, and the way side quests feed back into the core storyline.

Attack of the Fanboy, 4.5/5.

All of this comes together to form a true expansion, not just a chunk of fresh DLC. Far Harbor takes what Fallout 4 did and does it a little bit better, with adjustments and additions tossed in to really shake things up. It is also a long experience, with tons of quests to work through, and plenty of new characters to interact with. If you enjoyed any part of your time with Fallout 4 then Far Harbor will surely please you, and those who were wanting a little bit more might just find it here.

NuGame Network, 9.0/10.

Far Harbor is, at the end of it all, a damn good DLC. Lots of new content and places to explore and a surprisingly compelling set of stories and circumstances. My only real complaints are that the lever-action rifle isn't as powerful as I'd like, and the virtual Lemmings bit dragged on a bit longer than it needed to, but these are minor nitpicks in the face of a solid addition to Fallout 4. I've already plunked in about six hours myself, and I'm nowhere near done with it. It's a little steep at $24.99, but if you didn't get the season pass, I'd say it's a worthwhile solo investment (I've paid more for shorter vanilla games, frankly). Just make sure you bring a buttload of Rad-X. You're gonna need all of it.