The Original Strife: Veteran Edition Now Available on GOG

Following its re-release by Night Dive Studios back in 2014, the team of classic PC enthusiasts has made The Original Strife: Veteran Edition available on GOG as well so that we can enjoy the FPS/RPG in true DRM-free style. The usual summary that I leave you with on all GOG games:

Hailed as the original FPS-RPG game that spawned countless imitators, The Original Strife: Veteran Edition is a love letter to the classic from 1996. Immerse yourself in this all-consuming epic quest that for the first time combines riveting role-playing adventure with the spectacular Doom 3D engine!

An evil presence has implanted itself in the fabric of our world. Play the role of spy, assassin, warrior and thief as you are lured into the darkest and most perilous adventure of your life. You'll have Blackbird on your side - a seductive underground agent that will provide you with clues as you encounter progressively more sinister foes. Be strong, and trust no one.

The elaborate virtual environment offers 28 interconnected levels covering over 200 square miles. Explore medieval towns and industrial complexes filled with pitfalls and perils, ending in a final confrontation that will reveal the planet's darkest secrets.

From the silent but lethal crossbow to the breathtaking flame thrower, you'll toast, mince and vaporize your opponents in your search to control the ultimate weapon of mass destruction - the Sigil.

In your role as resistance fighter, you'll conspire with allies to demolish the fanatical ranks of the order from the inside out. Provides an engaging complex storyline and a multitude of dramatic voice-overs.

New Features Include:

- Completion of missing and unfinished options in the original game, such as: the planned "Capture the Chalice) multi-player mode, marking of current objectives on the auto-map, and special HUD for the Torpedo weapon
- Support for high resolutions, with proper aspect ratio
- OpenGL for video backend to provide portability and support for vertical sync
- Dynamic lighting and bloom
- Widescreen support
- Ability to freely rebind all keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs
- Achievements