Baldur's Gate Series and Infinity Engine v2.2 Patch Released

The team at Beamdog has released another extensive patch for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, and the Infinity Engine as a whole, bringing the entire Forgotten Realms-based RPG series up to version 2.2. As there's a lot to cover, I've included the primary bullet points below along with the more granular list of fixes from the release notes document:

- Improved multiplayer stability
- New graphics options
- Fixed item description artwork
- Localized Steam Achievements for French, Polish, and Italian
- Added voice-overs for French (Baldur's Gate campaign only)
- Updated voice-overs for Polish (Baldur's Gate campaign only)

Engine Fixes

This update features a number of fixes and improvements to the Infinity Engine as a whole. The items in this list affect all Infinity Engine games when they're updated.

Note that some of these fixes may be described as being specific to one game, but they represent changes to the engine's code that affects all games.

'¢ There will now be an extra confirmation prompt before beginning the Dual-Class process, to inform the player that they cannot cancel the process once started (23436)
'¢ Summoned monsters will no longer lose the Legacy of Bhaal bonus stats when loading the game (23289)
'¢ 18 Strength will no longer be displayed as "18/0" (23284)
'¢ Game will no longer crash if Create Party is accessed during Character Generation (23274)
'¢ Localized UI files will no longer have outdated references (23199)
'¢ Graphics Display Options will now have relevant descriptions (23197)
'¢ The game will no longer crash when importing party members in single player. (23194)
'¢ Game will no longer crash when trying to save (22989)
'¢ Switching from Mage level 8/9 spellbook page to Priest Scroll will no longer crash the game (22940)
'¢ Canceling Dual class to thief will no longer allow unlimited skill points (22893)
'¢ Going back during Dual class to thief will no longer allow unlimited skill points (22892)
'¢ [Multiplayer] Starting a new game will no longer crash when using a language other than English (22852)
'¢ [Multiplayer] Game will no longer crash on area transition or when saving (22843)
'¢ Dual class characters will now have CRLFs between classes in character record screen (22776)
'¢ Magical weapons will no longer appear in inventory when dealing with containers (22775)
'¢ Saves with a "space" at the end will now appear in the list of available saves (22755)
'¢ Inventory full comment will no longer replace the current dialog. (22744)
'¢ Tavern Rumors will no longer persist after loading a quicksave (22686)
'¢ Gem Bags will no longer act as Bags of Holding in shops (22677)
'¢ The Abilities pane at Character Creation will no longer be scrollable (22668)
'¢ It will no longer be possible to duplicate or lose items when moving them in or out of containers (22634)
'¢ Projectiles will no longer use the animation of the previous missile after switching weapons (22597)
'¢ Characters will no longer become invisible again after exiting Stealth mode (22540)
'¢ Clicking the up arrow for the text box will now scroll the text within the box (22537)
'¢ The default combat log size will now allow for more text to show (22349)
'¢ Half-elves will no longer have access to all mage specializations (22329)
'¢ Handwritten Journal Entries will no longer be overwritten (22327)
'¢ Class window does not scroll from scrollbar or cursor grab (22275)
'¢ AC breakdown in inventory screen will no longer show over hit points (22265)
'¢ [Multiplayer] Loading Save Game Created before v2.0.62.2 will no longer Crash (22191)
'¢ [ToB] Generated Druids will no longer be able to memorize more spells than they have slots available (21974)
'¢ Auto-pause condition "Target Destroyed" will now work (21776)
'¢ (Character Record) The Weapon Proficiencies and Fighting Styles headings will now appear on the Combat Stats tab (21699)
'¢ (Character Record) Damage information will now be displayed separately for each of Main-Hand and Off-Hand weapons (21698)
'¢ (Character Record) Number of Attacks will now be displayed as Attacks Per Round, will now be its own heading (21693)
'¢ (Character Record) AC heading in the Combat Stats tab will now be organized intuitively (21692)
'¢ Character Sheet "Combat Stats" tab will now include proficiency information, will now be sorted according to importance (21689)
'¢ Inactive class xp bar will no longer glow for dual-classed characters (21584)
'¢ Quick loot bar will no longer show items from a previous game after loading an auto-save (21529)
'¢ Map markers will now be shown regardless of where Player1 is located (21500)
'¢ Auto-Save slot will no longer have a portion of the world map in the thumbnail (21418)
'¢ [Options UI Interface] Options Interface will now have appropriate text descriptions. (21250)
'¢ Shamanic dance will now have the correct icon on the Record screen (20981)
'¢ Alt-tabbing will no longer lead to extended zoom in/out levels (20867)
'¢ Map marker labels will no longer obscure each other (20848)
'¢ (Art) New status icon .bams will no longer appear displaced (20716)
'¢ Dual-class characters will no longer have level up glows for inactive classes (20620)
'¢ [DirectX] The message "Your main character has been killed. You must restart the game." will now be shown if Charname dies (20171)
'¢ There is now an option to change the scaling method on sprites to "Nearest Neighbor" in Options > Graphics (21770)

Bug Fixes - BG:EE

This update features a number of general bug fixes that specifically resolve issues in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

'¢ Multiple castings of Aura of Despair will no longer stack (23333)
'¢ Candlekeep tutor will no longer say there is a Done Quests button (23277)
'¢ Skie Recruitment Dialog Will no longer Trigger Spontaneously (23203)
'¢ The Archer kit will no longer be able to wear Ankheg Plate Mail (23014)
'¢ Save thumbnail will now be correctly placed when overwriting an old save game (22998)
'¢ The achievement "Water, Water, Everywhere" will now correctly unlock (22997)
'¢ Adoy's Enclave door will no longer spam text during fight against Ekandor (22986)
'¢ [Polish] The localized voice-overs from vanilla BG1 will now be complete (22963)
'¢ Neera's Quest will now give proper Journal entries (22849)
'¢ Adoy's Enclave will now have consistent party entry and exit requirements (22848)
'¢ Party AI tooltip will now have on and off states (22839)
'¢ [Multiplayer] Storing the Coronation evidence in a scroll case will no longer restrict client dialogue to a fatal outcome (22831)
'¢ Dorn, Neera, and Rasaad will now be able to have Morale Failures (22803)
'¢ Frozen Fist will now do the correct amount of damage (BG1) (22795)
'¢ Blue lines will no longer appear around puddles in Gullykin map (22778)
'¢ Laurel will now thank the player once twelve gibberlings have been killed (22753)
'¢ There will now be no black lines on pools of water in Nashkel mine (22696)
'¢ French voices will now be avaible in BG1:EE (22670)
'¢ Spider's Bane will now protect against Grease (22640)
'¢ Baeloth will no longer gain excess castable spells per day on level up (22508)
'¢ (Water) Candlekeep: corner of pool next to Gorion will no longer be darker than rest of pool (22293)
'¢ Black Pits ending screen will no longer have missing UI (22280)
'¢ Palin will no longer drop Peladan when he transforms. (22261)
'¢ The correct picture will now be used for the text screen when travelling to the mysterious island (22246)
'¢ [Localization] Russian and Ukrainian credits strings will now be updated (22110)
'¢ AR3700 will no longer be so far west on the world map (22065)
'¢ Mage Book/Priest Scroll - there will now be borders for each spell slot (21581)
'¢ Thief skills scrollbar will no longer scroll text over the UI (21426)
'¢ The correct number of sirines will now spawn when resting in ar3600.are (21398)
'¢ [French] Autosave and Quicksaves will no longer overwrite each other (21389)
'¢ Description images will no longer be missing or broken (21122)
'¢ New status icons will no longer be missing (20713)
'¢ [UI][MP] Password Required dialog will no longer have layout issues (20216)
'¢ [UI] Character Arbitration will no longer have art showing through transparency (20211)
'¢ (Water) AR2100 - Overlay transparency will now be adjusted (20095)
'¢ Rhyte's Last Arrow +2 will now have the same properties in BG:EE and SoD (19960)
'¢ Russian VO will now play when the language is set to Russian. (11898)

Bug Fixes - BGII:EE

This update features a number of general bug fixes that specifically resolve issues in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

'¢ Priest of Tyr Kit in Character Creation will no longer be described as an unkitted Cleric. (23464)
'¢ [Windows] Chain Contingency will no longer crash the game and will store level 8 spells. (23200)
'¢ Picking up the Wheel of Obliteration too early will no longer break the end of Rasaad's quest (23193)
'¢ Game will no longer remain in cutscene after entering the Shadow realm (23189)
'¢ BGII:EE will now install the BGII:EE manual rather than the BG:EE manual (23188)
'¢ Characters killed in the final confrontation with Irenicus will no longer lose gear left on the ground (23062)
'¢ Bodhi will no longer display "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" when romancing Dorn (23017)
'¢ The Monk abilities Stunning Blow and Quivering Palm will now have description icons (23005)
'¢ [ToB] ToB saves will no longer be accessible from the SoA part of the game (22913)
'¢ 'Emphatic Manifestation' will no longer instantly die when walking in the area on LoB mode. (22841)
'¢ Frozen Fist will now do the correct amount of damage (BG2) (22796)
'¢ [Multiplayer] Game will no longer remain in cutscene if chapter 2 cutscene is skipped (22780)
'¢ Enhanced bard song will now affect the singing bard and will now function like other bard songs. (22773)
'¢ Vagrant Blades party will now display the correct message when hit (22735)
'¢ [Achievement] Don't Mind Us will no longer early (22613)
'¢ Camera will no longer pan away from Neera during her introductory cutscene (22608)
'¢ Psionic Blast will now have a spell description (22127)
'¢ Permanently remove spell text will no longer refer to the Journal (21932)
'¢ The achievement Triple Cross will now unlock after Phaere is killed by the Demon (21362)
'¢ Vittorio will now be in sight when the Gong quest dialogue occurs (21077)
'¢ Water will no longer have tile edges (18459)
'¢ [TBP2] Tartle and Brodle's finale OT lines will now be synced with their VOs.. (10943)
'¢ The correct subtitles will now be displayed when Show Subtitles is enabled. (10771)
'¢ Door tiles will no longer be darker than the surrounding area (7556)
'¢ Colored Selection Circles will now be off by default (18780)

Bug Fixes - BG:SoD

This update features a number of general bug fixes that specifically resolve issues in the Siege of Dragonspear expansion.

'¢ Greater Wyverns and Green Dragons will now be immune to all types of poison (23332)
'¢ The achievement Defender will no longer unlock after meeting Hephernaan (23127)
'¢ Lucilla will now reward you if Autinn is killed. (23074)
'¢ There will no longer be invisible people standing in the way outside Dragonspear Castle (23039)
'¢ The manuals have been edited based on community feedback in (21792, 22506-22505, 22607, 22658-22657, preparation for the Collector's Edition 22784, 22936, 22939, 23028-23037,)
'¢ Wands of Magic MIssile will no longer give the "Unaffected by the effects of the wand" message when used against a valid target (23002)
'¢ After completing her quest, Julann will now give a reward (22953)
'¢ Advanced AI Will no longer use Defensive Stance while the Use Special Abilities setting is turned off (22951)
'¢ [SDD125] Brielle and Vessanal will no longer behave as if they were unpetrified (22930)
'¢ [SDD221e] M'Khiin will now only be able to use Kruntur's Armor after choice is made (22889)
'¢ Neothelid animation will no longer twitch (22886)
'¢ Neothelid animation will no longer reveal tooltip while hiding (22884)
'¢ Neothelid animation will no longer have classic selection circle graphics issues (22883)
'¢ Imported player generated characters will no longer have their own Story Mode settings enabled (22837)
'¢ [SDD222] Velsharoon will now be referred to as "Lord of the Forsaken Crypt," not "Lord of the Forsaken" (22834)
'¢ [BD3000] Crests in Coalition Camp area will now be correct (22830)
'¢ Dynaheir will no longer be missing from Coast Way crossing if dead in imported BG1 save (22829)
'¢ Evermemory and Ring of Wizardry will no longer stack (22826)
'¢ Beljuril gems will now stack (22825)
'¢ Male and female Bridgefortians will no longer have Neera's morale sound assigned (22798)
'¢ (Area) BD4000 - Wallgroups will now cover characters as expected (22792)
'¢ Achievement titles and descriptions will now be correct on Steam (22791)
'¢ Neothelid Will now be Immune to Its Own Breath Weapon (22754)
'¢ Crommus and Carline will no longer be affected by Turn Undead (22752)
'¢ BD_JOINXP variable will now be reset to 0 when joinable NPCs are spawned in SoD campaign (22743)
'¢ Hephernaan will no longer have Teleport Field memorized (22725)
'¢ Corwin's Bwoosh barrel conversation will no longer repeat or create multiple map markers (22693)
'¢ (BD4000) Caelar's sprite will no longer be shaded when she gives speech at inner gate (22682)
'¢ It will no longer be assumed that the player meets Halatathlaer before meeting Daeros (22679)
'¢ Casting Raise Dead from a scroll will now always work (22678)
'¢ [SDD315] Slime Sickness quest will now update if you put the Enchanted Seed in the Tree Trunk before giving the cure to the Poisoned Crusader (22676)
'¢ [SDD215e] You will no longer get a journal entry for Glint's quest if he has never been in the party (22662)
'¢ [SDD215] You will now get a journal entry after talking to Glint (22661)
'¢ Pick Pockets-ability will no longer increase after level drain (22648)
'¢ [Windows] Male:commanding voice set idle line will now match text (22628)
'¢ [SDDD03a] You will now be able to tell Brother Deepvein that Semahl is dead (22602)
'¢ [SDDD04] You will no longer get a journal entry if Semahl is killed by undead (22596)
'¢ [SDDD04] You will no longer get two journal entries if you decide to kill Semahl (22595)
'¢ The achievement In the Name of the Father will no longer unlock (22534)
'¢ The achievement Family Secrets will now unlock (22533)
'¢ [SDD225c] Obtaining information from Kava will no longer give a journal entry about speaking to Rend (22529)
'¢ String Cutter Achievement will no longer unlock until the correct enemy is killed (22527)
'¢ Baeloth will no longer have extra castable spells per day at level 7 (22509)
'¢ M'Khiin will now have Infravision (22492)
'¢ There will now be a named auto-save after starting a new SoD game (22324)
'¢ Party members in SoD will now have their correct rare selection sounds when set by script (22316)
'¢ Caelar will now have her correct rare selection sounds (22315)
'¢ [SDD125] You will now be able to tell Herod that Teleria has been dealt with (after she has left peacefully) (22279)
'¢ [SDD125c] You will now get a journal entry after talking to Teleria (22276)
'¢ (Area) BD7230 - Open cage doors will no longer be difficult to click on (22233)
'¢ [SDD420] Quest will now update when you drop the barrel at the indicated spot (22209)
'¢ Localized BG:EE content will no longer be missing from the SoD build (22165)
'¢ Chapter labels will now be consistent in saves (22067)
'¢ On Boarevsky Bridge, it is possible to trigger the Water Golum and Bhaal Lightning Strike simultaneously (22056)
'¢ Journal will now update after healing Poisoned Crusader (22033)
'¢ [SDD201b] Journal Entry will no longer be missing and will now be given to the player as specified in the MDD. (21713)
'¢ [SDD200d] Forcing Wynan Hess Hostile will now cause other Fort Dwellers to go hostile as well. (21461)
'¢ [BD1000] Graphical artifacts will no longer appear on screen edge while zooming or panning (21038)
'¢ (Area) BD7300 - Characters will no longer stand below their foot circles at ground level (21028)
'¢ [MDD015] Coast Ways Bridge will no longer have square artefacts (20890)
'¢ [MDD300a] Duplicate Conversation about 7 Legged Spider with Voghiln will now be removed. (20815)
'¢ [MDD300b] You will no longer mention the Planetar Feather to Neera Twice. (20814)
'¢ [MDD300ab] Will now get Journal Entries for Turn-in of Items along with Count Journal Entry (20812)
'¢ [SDD300aa] Will no longer get a journal quest saying you've turned in two items when you turn in 3 items. (20809)
'¢ [MDD207c] Adjust dialog so that the Call of the Wild Mage is not skippable (20742)
'¢ [SDD420] Barrel of Bwoosh adjustment (20740)
'¢ [MDD1271] Dragonspear Castle Marshall Nederlok will now have state appropriate conversation (19832)
'¢ Caelar "On the Roof" journal entry is delivered too soon (19817)
'¢ Strunk Plot journal does not update correctly when you just attack him for no reason (19779)
'¢ It should now be clearer how to use the Stone Dowser (19774)
'¢ [SDD118m] Upon Attacking Endless Watcher and Bringing Him below 50% HP, Zhadroth will now appear and maze Watcher. (19730)
'¢ General Stonehand repeats dialog (including interjections) (19677)
'¢ Unable to complete Pritchard Gardernersonson plot (19671)
'¢ (Area) BD6000 - Characters will no longer be able to float above chasm (19094)
'¢ (Area) BD7230 - Wallgroups will now cover characters as expected (19024)
'¢ [SDD080] "Well, It's Heavy" achievement will now be obtained if you tell Ophyllis not to repay you (19012)
'¢ (Area) BD6200 - Ambient sounds will no longer give the impression that it is daytime (18906)
'¢ (Area) BD0101 - Search map and wallpolys at the Ducal Palace entrance will now be made identical to BD0010 (18808)
'¢ (Area) BD0110 - Polys/search region for wall bit will now be refined (18800)
'¢ Neothelid creature animation will now be refined (17929)
'¢ (MDD1105revised) Evil and neutral joinable NPCs will now be present at the camp entrance before the battle (22704)
'¢ (SDD314b) It will now be possible to talk to Ferrusk after curing sick crusaders (23377)
'¢ (Area) BD4000 - You will no longer be able to open the Dragonspear Castle wall like a door (23226)
'¢ Localized sound files will no longer play the wrong sound in the Beamdog build (22765)
'¢ WeiDU APPENDing to tooltip.2da will no longer crash the game (22499)