Masquerada: Songs and Shadows KS Campaign Ends Successfully, Raises £60,162

The short Kickstarter campaign for Witching Hour Studios' Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, which was launched to raise enough money to fund the final stretch of development, has concluded successfully. The team has raised £60,162, more than $25,000 over its $35,000 funding goal. The team is now shooting for a mid-August launch, with an integrated New Game+ mode to boot, as explained in one of the Kickstarter updates. However, the game might not launch simultaneously on both PC and PS4, due to Sony's stricter approval process:

New Game+

I think this is the main thing we need to address. When we came up with NG+, we knew that it was going to be additional content we didn't schedule for. As we all know, game development is a fun process of trying to balance time, money and humans.

What we intend to do is bring on some designers to make it happen so we don't compromise on time (since you guys helped with the cash, no?) What's great about game development in Singapore is that awesome people are literally a stone's throw away. We know who to poke to keep things awesome. =)

That said, we're confident of a mid August launch.


It comes with a slight problem since we're adding new content. Due to how the approval process is for PS4, we worry that a simultaneous launch would be difficult. For those that are unaware, it takes a number of submissions before Sony approves a game for PSN. It could take months if the build isn't done properly, unlike Steam where it's a flip of a switch.

We're gonna try our darndest, but we don't wanna promise anything.

I hope you guys understand!

As a reminder, a short (circa 15 minutes) demo for the title is available on Steam.