The Secret World Editorial and 10-day Trial Trailer

Funcom's The Secret World has been one of the brighter spots among the MMORPG releases of the past 4-5 years, and its interest level may grow even further with a new 10-day trial and a 90-second trailer to accompany it. If it wasn't for my already severely limited game time, this one would definitely be seeing a daily login session from me:

If that looks like a game you'd be interested in, too, there's an editorail on MMO Games that calls out its most captivating features and pleads to the developers to allow players to play through the main choice-and-consequence filled storyline again:

The Secret World'˜s main draw is its questing, which has been phenomenally executed. The writing, voice acting, and detailed cut scenes are far beyond what has ever been done before in an MMO, but that's not its only appeal. As befits a horror game, everything in TSW is fraught with danger and shrouded in mystery. The game's dark story hooks you in as you progress through immersive settings like New England, Egypt, and Transylvania.

It is the game's investigation missions that truly set The Secret World apart; if you've longed for an MMO that doesn't hold your hand, this is the one and its real world setting brings with it a near unparalleled ability to do so. While there are several examples of missions that are a little over the top (involving deciphering Morse Code transmitted through headlight flashes, or diagnosing medical conditions based on patient charts), most of them hit a comfortable stride where many players will be able to progress without consulting a walkthrough granted, this will often be with significant effort.

The game's quests are also almost all repeatable. With the exception of main story quests, every mission begins a timer after completion displaying when you'll be able to do it again.