Might & Magic Heroes VII "Modding in Axeoth" Guide

Aspiring map makers will be happy to see that the official Might & Magic Heroes VII blog has been updated with a guide on how to leverage the new assets included within the Lost Tales of Axeoth content within your own custom-made maps. A little something to get the gears turning:

Here are some of the things that might interest you:

'¢ Axeoth_factions: you can assign these to players and heroes, if you want them to have custom icons and faction names (for instance Preserve instead of Sylvan with the Tree of Nature icon).
'¢ Buildings: a number of new / variant buildings you can use on the adventure map.
'¢ Campaign_heroes: the unique characters of the Lost Tales of Axeoth. Feel free to use them in your own adventures.
'¢ Creatures: want to use the mighty White Tiger in your maps? Here it is J
'¢ Custom_artefacts: a selection of new artefacts from Heroes IV and its expansion packs.
'¢ Custom_heroes: More than 80 new Hall Heroes. We explain how to add them to your map's Hall of Heroes below.
'¢ Customtowns: Some variants of the usual Heroes VII towns, with slightly different town trees and lineups.

In general, you only need to drag and drop the Archetypes on your map to use them. In the case of heroes, creatures, and artefacts however, you'll sometimes have to first place one of the regular H7 heroes on the map, and then open its properties in the Unreal Editor. Find the Hero, Creature or Artifacts field, select the new archetype you want to replace them with in the content browser, and then click on the small green arrow to use it.