Underworld Ascendant Progress Report and "Authored Look" Revealed

OtherSide Entertainment continues to keep us up to speed on where Underworld Ascendant is in regard to its development, with a recent blog update discussing its most recent progress and today's blog update debuting the RPG's new "authored look" art style. As the latter update is more impactful to the game overall, I'll quote from that:

As you may've already seen, we revealed Underworld Ascendant's new "authored look" to the public today. Again, the art style is the brainchild of our art director Nate Wells, who joined the team last fall and worked previously on the BioShock series, The Last of Us, and System Shock 2.

In Nate's own words: "I want to recapture a retro sense of fantasy, fantasy the way our inner child remembers it. For Underworld Ascendant, I thought, 'What if the world bore the authorship of a tabletop game?' Think of the old lead figures, the miniature play fields. What if the game used that philosophy of everything looking and being hand-crafted? Natural, man-made. All of it looks like it was sculpted by an artist."

We gave backers an early glimpse before, but these latest shots show the first look at creatures in this style. Specifically, some of Underworld Ascendant's bony undead.

I'm really liking the Stygian Abyss artwork, but hit the link above to check out the screenshots as well.