Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Reviews

Bethesda's Automatron DLC for Fallout 4 continues to be critiqued across the web, with the latest batch of reviews primarily giving the add-on something of a fair-to-above-average rating.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun goes scoreless:

But, in fairness, the meat of this one was always promised to be the robot building, and if that's something you missed in Fallout 4 proper, this is exactly what the radioactive doctor ordered. Like settlements, it starts off pretty bland if you don't have many pieces or the skills to create interesting things. With the right ones though, dragged in bulk across the Wasteland, turning regular robot companions into personal battle-tanks is just the start. It also means lots more variety in robot encounters. There's also a few new toys to track down for the Sole Survivor, including a Tesla Rifle, Tesla Suit and a Mechanist themed PIPBoy game and armour set. Any of it essential? Not particularly, especially if you're already tooled up. Still, who can say no to shiny loot?

GameRant gives it a 4/5:

The story may not be as rewarding as many players hoped it would be, but it really feels like the goal of this DLC was to unlock the robot crafting station and the few hours of campaign was just an added bonus. The new companion customization option is a huge improvement for the game and opens up dozens of hours worth of entertainment. Considering this is only the first part of the game's DLC plans, it feels like consumers are still getting their money's worth, even if it's technically only a few hours of new story mode.

TrueAchievements gives it a 3.5/5:

Whilst there's nothing here in this DLC that will wow you, the quest line will keep you busy for a couple of hours at least and being able to build and customise your own robots to your heart's content is a nice addition. Unfortunately, with no really exciting new place to explore or a long quest line that will have you travelling all across the map, there's a slight feeling of disappointment here. "Automatron" is a good starting point for the Fallout 4 DLC, but you would hope that the upcoming add-on will have a little more to offer.

GameCrate gives it a 7.75/10:

All in all Automatron is a good bite of DLC, not a huge sandwich like we're used to seeing from Bethesda but not usual for the current DLC market. Its story might not be long or complicated, but it has a remarkable level of depth and atmosphere that keeps you enthralled. Combine that with an intricate robot building mechanic and just a dash of Bethesda's patented player freedom and Automatron delivers a satisfying gameplay experience.

The Koalition gives it a 75%:

While I personally enjoyed the three hours I spent with the DLC, I can't exactly say it's an exceptional one. The main story was enjoyable and having extra stuff to craft is always nice but this DLC isn't anything to really get excited for. It is good for what it offers though and those who love to craft will probably dig this more than I did. Not a bad DLC but not a great one either.

PC Invasion gives it a 5/10:

If you're still playing Fallout 4, Automatron is a reasonably good pick up, as it adds quite a bit to Fallout 4 in general. On the other hand, if you've spent hundreds of hours in the Commonwealth and are looking for a reason to go back into Fallout 4, this isn't really it. It adds a couple of hours of gameplay and some extra potential to your continuing adventures, but it's not the sort of DLC that'll keep you occupied by itself which will make the price tag a little harder to swallow for any Fallout 4 devotees.

HardcoreGamer gives it a 3.5/5:

While the majority of this review was spent poking holes in Automatron, there's one thing that should be made clear: it's a reason to dive back into Fallout 4 for a few hours. Considering Bethesda Game Studios' biggest game to date is downright outstanding, this is a good thing. Considering that there are some awesome combat encounters, including what might be the best battle in the entire title in the final showdown with The Mechanist, those who enjoyed Fallout 4'˜s improved combat experience should find themselves satisfied for an evening or two. Automatron isn't without its hiccups and it's a huge downer that some users will have to grind quite a bit in order to build the robot that they desire, but it's still nowhere close to a stain on one of the best games of 2015. What's more, if this is a hint at the level of quality that users can expect from Season Pass content going forward, then the initial investment will be worth it.

Nerd Reactor gives it a 3.5/5:

Ultimately, Automatron gives Fallout 4 some new legs and a fun new system to work with. Expect to finish the whole campaign in a few evening play sessions. As for how much more enjoyment you'll get out of this expansion, it depends much less on your interest in the Fallout story, and much more in your desire to tinker with robots.

Metro gives it a 6/10:

The overriding question is whether or not you'd consider this a memorable quest if it actually was just another part of the game. That's actually hard to answer though, as few quests are quite this long and the robot workbench is a real novelty. But neither of the two new environments are particularly interesting, especially the first one that's filled with robot-loving raiders.

Blast Magazine gives it a 4.0/5:

It may not be the perfect fit for players who have already maxed out everything and cleared every quest, but Automatron is definitely worth its price in what it offers. This short but surprisingly robust expansion gives you plenty of new toys to play with and makes the Commonwealth a far more dangerous place with its inclusion of formidable new enemies. You may not have much to do with all the robots you build, but maybe the real purpose of this DLC is to equip you for that long ride up to Far Harbor in a few months.

GameWatcher gives it a 6.0/10:

Whether you feel you get your money's worth or not from Fallout 4's first DLC pack depends on whether you like combing buildings for pots, tin cans and other junk or not. If you do then you get to create an army of stupid looking robots! Hooray! And if you don't, well, you have to if you want to finish the quest. Furthermore charging $9.99/£7.99 for one new quest and some new crafting options is a bit. un-generous. While it's nice having some new enemies to fight unless you're the specific type of player that wants to craft robots in Fallout 4 and doesn't mind wasting time finding the many, many materials you need to do so, then don't buy The Automatron. Save your money for Far Harbor.

PSU gives it a 6.5/10:

If you aren't digging the idea of reading, then much like with the base game, you'll be left with a very hollow shell of a narrative that doesn't do anything more special than anything you've seen before. Automatron does feel very much like Bethesda testing the waters in the build up to May's significantly larger slice of DLC. It's hard to be truly upset by the relatively meagre content in Automatron when you consider that---and the whole robot army kick is compelling stuff---but it does feel like a sampler for greater things; things that aren't too far away thankfully. Still, if you want to spend a bit more time with Fallout 4, Automatron isn't the worst way to spend a few quid by any stretch.

PressA2Join gives it a 7.3/10:

As the first chapter in a Season Pass (even a Season Pass whose price was sneakily raised ahead of release) I suppose Automatron is adequate. It lacks the punch I expected from a Fallout DLC, and your mileage may vary in terms of value for money (the DLC being priced at 9.99) but in its own right is an ok experience and a lot of the players that enjoy the sandbox and settlement parts of Fallout 4 (and there are a lot) will probably get much more of a kick out of the robot building module. Worth checking out.

Gaming Boulevard gives it an 8.5/10:

Bethesda has used the Automatron DLC to expand Fallout 4 in a familiar way. The customisation of robots, the new quest and the return of the Robotbrain with its background story gives an overall fulfilling experience. Automatron is definitely a pleasure to play.

The Daily Campus doesn't score it:

(Automatron) is a fun two hours, although I had very little interest in tinkering with the hideous robot designs for any longer than I needed to. It's by no means a great piece of DLC, nor will anyone likely remember it in a few months, but it's a good start to what promises to be a solid amount of new content for (Fallout 4.)

GameReactor gives it a 7/10:

Given the diversity of the robot enemies you'll face, Automatron offers some of the more engaging combat we've seen Fallout 4, even when considering the annoyances mentioned above. It doesn't add more real estate to the map, and while there are some new props to make the dungeons feel distinct, this is very much a case of more of the same.

Gamers Nexus doesn't score it:

Automatron, Bethesda's first DLC for Fallout 4, is a solid addition to the game. The storyline (and accompanying atmosphere) adds some variety and is enjoyable, albeit a bit short. The larger addition is the robot crafting, which provides a lot of options and further specialization for how to spec-out a character since now companions are also customizable. Outside of a few minor bugs, the robot crafting works surprisingly well. Automatron is certainly fun and, at $10, is worth getting for die-hard fans who want to add another element (and an accompanying side quest) to Fallout 4. For more casual players/fans though, I suggest to consider waiting until a sale and, for the time being, installing Robot Home Defense along with some other mods to tide you over.

And then IGN gives it a 7.5/10 in their video review.