Hellgate: London FPS Released on Google Play

We seemed to have missed the announcement of a "Hellgate: London FPS" release for Android-powered mobile devices when it occurred back on February 16th, but since it's a series we have covered extensively since it originally debuted in 2007, I think it's worth pointing it out even a month after the fact. Going by the screenshots and other info available on the Google Play page, the new release appears to reuse at least some of the original game's art assets and continues to incorporate an RPG-inspired loot system along with various item and character upgrades.  Here's the exclamation point-laden description, in case you want to check it out on your mobile device or fire up an Android emulator:

â—ˆ '˜HELLGATE: LONDON' is well-known as the world's popular PC online game!
Minimized the game capacity! Everyone worldwide available!
Stunning graphics and a spectacular sense of strike were materialized in mobile!
HELLGATE is rebuilt for optimal mobile gameplay and is now available on your Android!

â—ˆ A great story from the original carefully puts into stage one by one.
Each stage is composed of the dramatic plot as one of the spectacular film.
On the board!! Meet the various bosses along the progress in a story-typed FPS.

Get or upgrade various weapons at the armory.
Rifle, Machinegun, Shotgun, Sniper, and even power saw.
Each gun has the different types of upgrading options.
(Enhance Damage, Enhance Critical, Increase Bullets, Reduce Cool down time)
Upgrading each option improves your weapons into a killing machine for a better performance.

You can learn 6 passive skills and 6 active skills to be stronger!
Learn and boost skills to eliminate all the evils effectively!!!

Complete daily missions and achievements to get extra gold and diamonds.
Get it and save it! The gold and diamonds might be needed for upgrading weapons and skills.