Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is Being Enhanced by Nordic Games

Nordic Games executive producer "MegalomaniacNG" has posted a call-out on the Steam forums for Titan Quest fans to submit improvement ideas for the base game and its expansion pack Immortal Throne. Based on the discussion there, the resumed development is going to be relatively ambitious, and they've already released a beta patch to begin addressing multiplayer concerns. Given these developments, I suspect we'll be seeing a Titan Quest Enhanced Edition in the not-too-distant future:

Update #1
26th February 2016
-Player name limited to 15 characters. Entering more caused error in account creation.
-Longer email can be entered in the registration menu
-LAN Games are now functional
-Fixed few bugs that caused connection errors.

24th February 2016
- Added new multiplayer and lobby system
- Implemented NAT Traversal and NAT Proxy Connectivity Layer
- GameSpy removed
- Added support for 1280x720 resolution

General & Renderer Improvements:
- Fix shadow acne artifacts
- Fix water shore disco color issue
- Improve shadows (using poisson soft shadows)
- improve editor region selection combobox
- improve lighting
- Re-work shader
- Add shader include support
- Improve Terrain Shader
- Force shader model 3.0
- Add artmanager rebuild menu option
- Improve archive compression level
- Improve archive file buffer size
- Add anisotropic filtering support
- Several small fixes
- Fix mouse pointer out of window issue (ClipCursor)
- Remove virtual memory check