Might & Magic Heroes VII Shadow Council Shuttered, v1.7 Patch Delayed

It seems that Ubisoft felt that they no longer needed the Shadow Council community platform that they had set up for Might & Magic Heroes VII, as they've announced its closing in favor of community discussion through their official forums. While you ponder what this closure really means, I'll send you to the most recent forum post announcement, which alerts us to the fact that the game's v1.7 patch has been delayed:

Hello Heroes,

Today we would like to give you more information before the weekend regarding upcoming 1.7 patch.

Originally planned to be released this week, we encountered during testing process issues we decided to fix before making this new update available.

We are currently fixing those and are moving to re-ship the build for testing. We will keep you updated as soon as the build is approved and a new release date is planned.

M&M team