Kingdom Come: Deliverance Interview

PCInvasion had the opportunity to chat with Warhorse Studios' Martin Ziegler and Toby Stolz-Zwilling, and while the interview is somewhat short, there are some relatively interesting answers about Kingdom Come: Deliverance to sink our teeth into.  For example:

PCI: Can you tell us a bit about the combat and how that works?

MZ: We actually really simulate, in terms of physics, what you're doing. We physically simulate your sword and the force it exerts upon the shield on your opponent. We detect the exact point of collision and the kind of armour they are wearing and so on. We calculate all that stuff physically. We're really trying not to cheat here, which gives rises to a lot of fun situations which you don't see in RPGs which just do numbers. For example if I'm leading a swing with my sword and I accidentally hit someone else I actually do the damage to that person because it's a physical simulation.

That means that you won't be able to win every encounter you enter by far. We're trying to be authentic, so the most important part of any encounter that you have at the time is the equipment. If you were to battle a knight who has plate armour or chain armour and you don't have a set yourself, no matter how good you were with the sword you wouldn't really stand a chance.

A part of being able to win combat is being well prepared. You need to have your sword sharpened and prepare your armour in order for them to be the most effective that they can be.

That means that a lot of times the best option for you is to try to avoid combat if you can.