The RPGs to Look Forward to in 2016

Richard Cobbett's The RPG Scrollbars weekly column for Rock, Paper, Shotgun has received its first entry of the year in the form of a list of 2016 RPGs to look forward to. There's no doubt that at least a few of these will be delayed, and most of these entries are understandably sort of cliché, so I'm going to quote a couple of games that generally tend to spend less time under the spotlight:

Camelot Unchained

I've got a real soft spot for Dark Age of Camelot, despite the generally abysmal handling of the UK version by GOA. It wasn't my first MMO, but it was one of the first that landed at a time when I had both time and a good enough internet connection to really dig in and enjoy splashing around Albion and Midgard and somehow never getting around to even visiting The Other One. Much of what it did was later refined by World of Warcraft, with The Elder Scrolls Online having more of it in its blood than the actual Elder Scrolls games. More's the pity, but that's not DAOC's fault. Camelot Unchained plans to push the Realm vs. Realm action to the forefront and make it the core of the game instead of just an important slice, with player driven economies and backgrounds again borrowing from Arthurian, Celtic and Viking myths.


The Technomancer

I don't have huuuuge expectations for this new game from Spiders, mostly due to having played previous RPGs from Spiders. However, while they're not exactly the best RPGs you'll find even in the average bargain bin, they have been improving over the years and generally interesting enough in their quirkiness that I don't regret my time with them. I don't predict greatness for this one, but I'm open to being surprised.