Kotaku Re-Ranks the Fallout Games

Kotaku's Patricia Hernandez has decided to revise her list of Fallout games from best to worst in light of the release of Fallout 4, Bethesda's second internally developed title since they acquired the rights to the post-apocalyptic franchise.

In spite of the accolades and the 12 million copies sold, it's actually precisely that title that ends up last on list, though Hernandez makes sure to stress that she actually enjoyed the game:

Here's where things get particularly tricky for me. As it stands, Fallout 4 is my most-played game of 2015. I've spent hundreds of hours within the Commonwealth, and still feel like I've only seen a small percentage of what Fallout 4 has to offer. No matter where I go or what I'm doing, there's always something interesting out in the distance, waiting to be discovered. I love companions like Nick Valentine and Curie. I love how Diamond City feels like a real place. Building settlements is also way more addicting than it has any right to be. And let's not forget, this is is the first Fallout game with combat that isn't garbage.

Fallout 4 is an excellent experience, as far as exploration and adventure are concerned. But compared to the other Fallout games, well....there's something missing. Unlike the other games, role-playing and world-building isn't as important in Fallout 4. Instead, Fallout 4 seems more concerned with keeping you busy shooting stuff and finding loot which is fun, yes, but not really what Fallout games have traditionally been '˜about.'


I don't mind the new direction the series is taking, and I look forward to whatever DLC Bethesda has planned. But, for the purposes of this list which is entirely concerned with considering the Fallout games in relation to one another Fallout 4 is in last place. Fortunately, the Fallout pedigree still means we're dealing with a terrific game here!