The Age of Decadence Sold 30,000 Copies, Future Content Outlined

The developers at Iron Tower Studio have laid down some more information on their plans for the future in a new forum post, in which they also confirmed that The Age of Decadence has now sold more than 30,000 copies, which is an impressive number for a title that had very little PR and targets a very niche and specific audience.

While the game took a very long time to come out (11 years), the devs are still working on polishing and fleshing out the content, especially as far as the ending is concerned:

Right now we're still working on the endgame improvements. I do agree that the ending is too abrupt and has to be expanded, both in terms of options and scope:

1. An NPC/optional combat in the temple - done
2. Traveling with a lord and his men to the temple, featuring enemy patrols, Aurelian attempts to destroy locations leading to it, like blowing up Hellgate, zealots looking for the temple, Neleos, etc) - need about a month to do it right.
3. "The Battle of the Five Armies" - work in progress but probably not in the next update
4. The Rise of the Chosen One - work in progress
5. Individual Endings - work in progress.

Additionally, while it's very, very early in development, they started to outline some of the mechanics and details of their "Colony ship RPG", the next full-fledged large-scope RPG planned by the developers. Weapons are already receiving a heavy focus, even this early:


All firearms are ship-made; most are crude, angular weapons. It's a 'rediscovered' tech (we all know what flintlock weapons are but we don't make them, so if we have to start making them again, we'll have to rediscover the tech we're vaguely familiar with).

They have relatively low accuracy but most firearms tend to be multi-shot weapons (either more barrels or revolving cylinders or burst). They are made by various smiths for the militia and 'adventurers', so they vary in form and style.

- Pistols use powerful 0.45 ammo but most are single-shot guns. More advanced models add more barrels or revolving action.
- SMG use cheap 9mm and have burst mode.
- Shotguns use cartridges and have the widest spread.

We can consider ammo variations within each class but it's not necessary as 3 different types are more than enough.


Energy weapons are Earth-made. Since they have no recoil, large stock isn't necessary, so where the firearms and crude and angular, the energy weapons are elegant and curved (think flintlocks).

They are single shot weapons that are extremely accurate but slow to fire. They use energy cells (one ammo type for all weapons) that are very rare. Some places sell re-charged cells but they are less effective.

- Pistols
- Rifles have the longest range and best accuracy; the sniper's weapon
- Cannons (weapons that were mounted on mechs); consume an entire cell when fired.

The post also contains a brief update on the dungeon crawler based on the engine and setting of The Age of Decadence that Iron Tower Studio is building. The game will be small-scale and budget-priced ("around $8 " is the sum mentioned, though I'm sure that's subject to change) and will feature about 40 to 50 fights in total. Some new creatures are being created specifically for the game, like a new worm-like monster showcased in an animated gif in the full post.