Masquerada: Songs and Shadow Coming to PlayStation 4, More Details

With a post on the official PlayStation Blog, the folks at Witching Hour Studios have confirmed that Masquerada: Songs and Shadows will be released on PlayStation 4 in addition to the planned releases on PC and Mac.

The original announcement did mention that the title would be coming to consoles, so this isn't exactly a big surprise, but it's good to have confirmation. Besides, the blog post on the title is penned by one of the developers and well worth reading. Here's a snippet:

Past that, we tinkered much with how the game would play in real time. Obviously, we wanted to retain what we loved in the classics, but we felt like there needed to be some updating with respect to what's going on today. Looking at games like League of Legends, Smite, and Dota 2, we tried to distil what made them so simple yet engaging.

When compared to the classics, we figured that the problem lies with choice paralysis. A player who decisively and effectively uses a small set of skills trumps the player who wields a plethora of skills but doesn't know what to use at critical moments. With five customisable skills per character across a party of three, the players have options, but will hopefully not be overwhelmed.

I think the biggest flak I've gotten so far stems from the decision to completely remove the inventory system and a traditional experience point system. I understand why people feel like these things are necessary to qualify the game as an RPG. but what if they really don't add to the enjoyment of the experience? After some extensive tinkering, we decided to take out anything that doesn't support the two main pillars of what we're trying to achieve good story, good combat.