Paradox Interactive on White Wolf Publishing Purchase Interview

VentureBeat discussed Paradox's recent acquisition of White Wolf Publishing and its properties with Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester and new White Wolf Publishing CEO Tobias Sjögren, who was formerly the Executive Vice President of business development at Paradox.

The interview is short and to the point, but it offers some interesting insight on Paradox's strategy with the acquisition, which was apparently in negotiations for roughly a year. Paradox intends to start licensing the property and developing a relationship with the community right away. The target audience will be mostly made of older gamers (25 years or older), and Sjögren is even going to fly to a Vampire-themed party in New Orleans this week to start to build a relationship with fans of the property right away.

A couple of quotes:

(We've been negotiating with CCP for the last year on acquiring White Wolf Publishing and the underlying brands,) Paradox chief executive Fredrik Wester told GamesBeat. (They have sold 5.5 million books, and it's still the second-best-selling RPG of all time behind Dungeons & Dragons. It adds a lot to Paradox portfolio.)


(We're going to start licensing out the brand again from the beginning,) said Wester. (We'll start with one World of Darkness. We'll start, basically, from day one to unite the community under one flag.)