BattleTech Update #14, $2,053,840 and Counting

The fourteenth update for the Kickstarter campaign for BattleTech announces that the campaign will conclude with a livestream from the developers, but otherwise mostly focuses on a brief Q&A/presentation blurb for one of the designers and writers working on the game, Tyler Carpenter. Here's a snippet:

I'll be working on the story (with the rest of the former Shadowrun writing team), and larger overarching metagame - hiring MechWarriors, '˜Mech customization, negotiating transportation costs, and that sort of thing. My other, unofficial title is the human-shaped walking encyclopedia of BattleTech lore, so I'm also somewhat responsible for reminding the other designers when particular '˜Mechs entered production, who has a blood feud against whom, and the state of various Periphery states in the 3025 era. My job will be to tie the tactical combat part of our game together with the larger mercenary management game, and help ensure that everything you do looks and feels true to the BattleTech universe.

After 25 years of playing BattleTech, it feels like I've been waiting my whole life to bring this game to life on the PC, so I'm not only really looking forward to making a game with a compelling, interesting story, but one where the player is free to command their own destiny, taking jobs from their favorite Great Houses and feuding with their enemies. And, of course, players should be able to spend long hours tinkering in the '˜Mech Lab until they've tweaked their Marauder or Shadow Hawk to perfection.