BattleTech Updates #11-13, $2,016,833 and Counting

Harebrained Schemes' BattleTech has officially crossed the $2 million funding threshold as we dive into the last three updates to their Kickstarter campaign, which introduce us to Managing Developer Randall Bills, share a video of Jordan Weisman talking about his favorite 'mechs (the Hatchetman and the Mad Cat), the new customizable home base that has now been unlocked, and more. Further details on that last mention:

The Order of Valhalla rallied our forces to make a Customizable Home Base a reality. As we discussed before, our current idea is that you're refitting a derelict ship one module at a time, expanding its functionality based on the needs of your mercenary outfit as you go. (We know many of you are interested to know what sort of ship to expect and we are exploring the possibilities. That will be a topic for a future Kickstarter update some time during production.)

Just like construction in the real world, refitting will take money, time, and judgment as you figure out how you want to allocate the space available for the modules you want to add.

We are just starting to work out the different types of modules, but here are some that we think will be available:

- 'Mech Bays are the heart and soul of your operation. We see having two types of 'Mech Bays - repair bays and refit bays. One Repair Bay is required for each '˜Mech in your outfit's inventory where your MechTechs can perform repairs to the internal structure, components, weapons, and armor of the resident '˜Mech. Refit Bays are required for the much more intensive work needed to change a 'Mech's weapon systems and/or internal components.

- Space can be dedicated to 'Mech Simulators instead of housing more real 'Mechs or vehicles. During travel, and/or instead of being deployed to the battlefield, MechWarriors can be assigned to the training bay in order to improve specific skills.

- Adding a MechTech Fabrication Bay will increase your technical teams' ability to jury-rig, repair, and even improve your 'Mechs.

- A Sick Bay will treat MechWarriors' minor wounds, but a Ship's Hospital will be required to stitch a seriously wounded MechWarrior back together and then convalesce enough to return to battle ready condition.

- Among others!

We want the design and construction of your home base to be fun, to provide interesting choices, and ultimately to provide long-term benefits to your mercenary outfit.