The Age of Decadence Update #1 Released

The first update for The Age of Decadence after the game's launch has been released. It includes the Russian localization for the title, and a number of bug fixes and tweaks to the game's combat balance and quest flow:

  • New Path: Praetor can get a strong poison for the mine from Dellar.
  • Added better cape icons.
  • Added healer and blacksmith fast travel points on the maps.
  • Improved the map quest's flow. If you couldn't talk to Antidas about it, you can talk to Abukar and he'll send you to Domitius.
  • Changed Hellgate lasers generators' position, lockpick required, disabling gives civic SP.
  • You can disable them without going through lasers first.
  • Fixed minor journal issues.
  • Fixed issue with Hector's quest when you met him via Claudia.
  • Fixed issue with being transported to Senna's house when you talk with him at the palace.
  • Fixed issue with the blank slide in Maaadoran endings.
  • Fixed issue with HD achievement and blowing up Al-Akia.
  • Fixed TG fence in GNZ having no items.
  • Added a few missing combat SP.
  • Fixed issue with Hellgate's constructs not activating.
  • Fixed issue with the bolter and aimed attacks.
  • Fixed a rare issue in monastery storm walls fight.
  • Fixed issue with animation speed setting not applying.
  • Fixed rare start-up issues.
  • Tweaked reputations in Teron.
  • Tweaked Praetor's monetary rewards.
  • Thieves in TG2 have more arrows.
  • CS partial failure with mine guard lowers his HP by 20 (was 10).
  • All players start with some basic crafting schematics.
Combat Balance:
  • Bash has better chance to knock down.
  • Constructs have slightly bigger CS chance, lowered damage.

The developers have also confirmed that they're looking into some mandatory fights that were too difficult for certain characters (the example given is the mine fight for the Praetor storyline) and that they will provide options to make them easier.