Shadowrun: Hong Kong Post-funding Update #39: Post-launch

The folks at Harebrained Schemes have kept us informed on what they're doing now that Shadowrun: Hong Kong has launched with a new post-funding Kickstarter update. Much of the update deals with review, and reward delivery, but we also learn about the current state of the mini-campaign DLC, a stretch goal from the original Kickstarter:

Shadows of Hong Kong Mini-Campaign
The Shadowrun writing, design, and art teams are moving full speed ahead on the upcoming Shadowrun: Hong Kong mini-campaign. Set in the weeks following the events of SR:HK, the mini-campaign will give you - and your team - the opportunity to turn the tables on the corrupt cops who once hunted you. Through layers of corporate greed and urban strife, you will contend with powerful enemies, uncover a deadly conspiracy, and cement your reputation as a Prime Runner... assuming that you survive, of course. The SR:HK mini-campaign is due to launch early in 2016, and will be free to all Kickstarter backers at the $15 level and up.