Neverwinter Stronghold Siege Battles Introduced

Today sees the launch of a new update for Neverwinter, which adds Stronghold Siege battles to the Stronghold expansion. What this means in practice is that players of the MMO from Cryptic Studios will be able to engage into large-scale 20-vs-20 PvP battles in a battleground comprising two stronghold maps combined:

Massive Guild Battles Now Available with Neverwinter: Stronghold Siege

Neverwinter players can now take part in massive 20-versus-20 PvP battles with Stronghold Siege, the newest update for the game's seventh full-fledged expansion, Neverwinter: Strongholds. This brand-new update introduces mass-scale PvP battles for the first time in the free-to-play MMORPG, as guilds look to ransack opposing strongholds in MOBA-like battles.

Stronghold Siege is fought on a battleground created by combining two strongholds maps, doubling the scale and making it the largest map ever built. This creates a three-lane battlefield to support large-scale 20-vs-20 combat. The objective of this mode is to siege and destroy the enemy's guild hall.