BattleTech/MechWarrior Interview

There's an interview with Jordan Weisman up on PC Gamer this weekend, where the Harebrained Schemes founder and Shadowrun/BattleTech creator answers questions about the pros and cons of being an independent developer, what we should expect from their forthcoming BattleTech title, and more. First up is the video version:

And a bit of what to expect from the text:

"I'm really psyched. I made mech games for a long time, starting with the original BattleTech board game, and the BattleTech Centers, and then the MechWarrior series, the MechCommander series. But it's been, I'm embarrassed to say, 19 years since I've made a mech game," said Weisman. "I'm really excited to make another one now, I really want to dive back in and go back to the real roots of the game."

"The ability to take that universe and now do that in a modern tactical game where we can get into even more depth than we did in the old days as a pen-and-paper but make it fluid and fast playing so you're focusing on the strategy, not on the mechanics. But the mechanics are really deep there, great differentiation of the mechs and of the mechwarriors, deep skill trees for them."

"If you look at Shadowrun, Shadowrun's an RPG with a really strong tactical game underneath it. This is flipped, [BattleTech] is going to be a tactical game with a lot of really great storytelling underneath it. One of the things that I've been sad about in some of our Mech games over the years [is that] they haven't been really well situated within the universe, they haven't brought the story of the universe out to the forefront and that's something we're determined to do with this title."