The Age of Decadence August Update

It seems a bit strange that we're approaching a moment in time when The Age of Decadence will "have been released" rather than will "eventually be released", but we can hold on to these pre-release moments longer by taking in the RPG's August update over on the official forums. And so the final location is nearing completion:

We're working on the temple (the final location) and the combat AI update, which will allow your enemies to use a wider range of attacks and respond more appropriately. It was a big chunk of work that took months and was completed only a few days ago. I must admit that I had reservations about including it in the upcoming update (last thing we need is breaking pretty much everything related to combat less than 2 months before the release), but it seems to be working quite well, so in it goes.

However, there are some issues (naturally) that we're still working on. Two weeks should be enough, so we'll push the next update from the end of the month to Sep 10. The temple will also benefit from extra love and attention.

The dialogues and text are done, all that's left to do on the writing side are the endings. We have 12 endings requiring unique text (13 with the already released god ending), although if you break it down to fundamentally different decisions there are 5 main endings. Hope you'll find them to your liking.