Shadowrun: Hong Kong Post-funding Update #36: New Matrix

While we're only a couple of weeks away from the release of Shadowrun: Hong Kong, the developers at Harebrained Schemes have still decided to send out another post-funding Kickstarter update. It focuses on the revamped Matrix, and includes screenshots, music previews, and a short write-up that teases the addition of new IC types. Word is:

So that's how the new Matrix looks and sounds, but how does it play? Well, we've revised a lot of Matrix systems and added some really fun new stuff such as Watcher IC and Blocker IC which really ramp up the tension of diving into cyberspace and provide a much greater variety of gameplay than before. We'd love to go into more detail but - every minute we can spend testing and polishing the game right now is vital. We hope to tell you more about Matrix gameplay in the coming weeks, or you can see it for yourself on August 20th!

There's also some new info on when to expect backer keys of the title:

One other thing - we know everyone's anxious to get their keys, so we also want to let you know we're in the process of getting keys and other rewards into your BackerKit accounts. Watch for an update soon announcing that they're available, and for a general status update on the various Kickstarter rewards.