Shadowrun: Hong Kong Release Date Announced

The folks at Harebrained Schemes have announced the release date for Shadowrun: Hong Kong with a Kickstarter update for the project. The third Shadowrun role-playing game developed by the studio, after Shadowrun Returns and the stand-alone re-release of Shadowrun: Dragonfall, will be available on August 20th 10am PST on GOG, Steam and the Humble Store.

In case you have backed the project on Kickstarter, you'll want to know that the developers also intend to release another update in a couple of weeks to let backers know how to redeem their keys on BackerKit, so be sure keep an eye on your e-mail. Considering how quickly Harebrained Schemes managed to iterate and improve on the original, barebones release of Shadowrun Returns, I'm very excited to see what they've cooked up this time.