Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Previews

inXile Entertainment was busy showing off Wasteland 2: Director's Cut at this month's E3 event, and those hands-on experiences have spurred a couple of late previews for the polished and enhanced version of the post-apocalyptic RPG.

We start off at Xbox Achievements:

Scavenging for food and water is at the top of the list as you travel, while retaining a steady supply of ammunition - which can be somewhat hard to come by - seems to be a consistently pressing concern. That doesn't stop us shooting an innocent goat to death in our own camp though, just as a bit of target practice. The goat's owner, understandably, isn't too happy. Taking control of four Desert Rangers, each with their own expertise, we depart the camp for the radio tower, and it's not long before we're faced with a gang of aggressive bandits. It's entirely our own fault, as we refuse to pay a modest toll to pass through their territory, instead choosing to keep our cash and fight through the varmints.

Before moving on to RPGFan:

Some additions were made in regards to combat, but I was unfortunately unlucky to experience several glitches during my play-through. The devs assured us that the demo itself was bugged, but it was certainly frustrating to hear about the changes and not be able to implement them. Regardless of the glitches, I was still able to peruse the Perks & Quirks section of the character builder. I was pleasantly surprised by the options presented, as well as the humor that accompanied them. This was a great theme throughout the original game, and it's nice to see it continue to be carried over. It was at this point that one of the devs made sure to remind me that this system was "just like Fallout." But it didn't stop there. We were then advised on the Precision Strike System, which, you guessed it, is "just like Fallout." Players can focus on specific body parts in much the same way that you'd expect from a Fallout inspired game.