The RPGs Not Being Announced At E3

Richard Cobbett has penned a new RPG-focused column for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, in which he imagines a number of announcements that won't be at this E3 for sure. A new System Shock, a Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines x Alpha Protocol crossover, an Anachronox sequel, and even an all-new Worlds of Ultima? The tone might be humorous, but these are alluring prospects in my mind.

A snippet:

All New Worlds of Ultima

Way back in the day, Origin released two Worlds of Ultima games the Doc Savage style Savage Empire and the Victorian sci-fi Martian Dreams. Both of them suffered from one big problem: the Ultima VI engine. Now though, EA returns to the concept by giving a brand new top-down 3D engine to five different teams and having each of them create a whole new setting with a whole new vibe. Get ready for dark horror in a world that combines the vibe of underused campaign settings like Ravenloft. Return to the world of Martian Dreams as you and the Victorian era's greatest minds team up against the unknown. Travel back through time. Experience epic pirate adventure on the high seas. Quest alongside King Arthur and his knights for the holy grail. Future settings planned for the series include the Wild West, a Xanthian style world of comedy minus some of the more embarrassing bits, superheroics, and of course, the World of Chocolate.

This series stands for what Ultima always did, without having to touch the actual world and its continuity. Also, nobody involved with the making of Ultima Forever is allowed to take part without first scourging themselves of that sin by climbing to the summit of a mighty mountain and yelling (SORRY!) until someone shouts back (IT'S OKAY, JUST DON'T DO IT AGAIN.)