Top 10 Reasons Why IGN Loves Fallout

We all have our reasons for being in love with - or at the very least enthralled by - the Fallout franchise, whether it be due to its interesting characters, character perks and SPECIAL system, realistic non-fantasy premise, treat-you-like-you're-an-adult content, or any other catchy elements. But if you want to hear why someone else loves the series, then look no further than this list on IGN:

Number 8 - The World

The world you explore is a character in itself. There's not a single set piece in Fallout that isn't fully realized and designed to fit into the larger narrative. Each of the vaults you encounter have stories of their own to tell, and often, there are clues about how things went horribly wrong. The open world may look desolate at times, but finding a mysterious burnt-out village or a run-down grocery store is incredibly exciting because there's always something interesting happening around every corner. Not to mention the iconic locales like Megaton from Fallout 3 or The Hub from Fallout 1. No matter where you go, you're bound to find surprises.


Number 4 - Weapon Design

Fallout's weapons are amazing! We love the way these weapons look and feel, be it the experimental Mirv that fires eight projectiles at once for massive overkill, the Alien Blaster that you can randomly find while wandering, or Euclid's C-Finder, which rains down power from the heavens. Even the smaller armaments make you feel all powerful by evaporating your opponent into ash. that said, there's one thing that really sells their power which we'll take a look at in our Number 3 entry...