New XCOM Title to be Announced Tomorrow?

2K Games has recently been teasing us with this ADVENT website that currently shows a countdown that'll expire tomorrow, and based on the findings of some Reddit sleuths and this summary on DualShockers, it's all but confirmed that another XCOM game announcement is coming. I'll let you decide for yourself, though:

Hidden within the site, there is this link, that hides (not very well) the letters (GFIILOD) in black, and links to the pamphlet.

In the pamphlet, there's a picture with what seems to be a cellular structure, but it's simply a way to hide the letters (NCOVO) in red.

Now we can put the letters together, and we get (GFIILOD NCOVO.) Meaningless? Not at all. It's just the anagram of (Vigilo Confido,) the motto that appears on the emblem of the XCOM in that masterpiece that was XCOM: Enemy Unknown.