Umbra Updates #1-5, $174,427 and Counting

I haven't been keeping up with SolarFall Games' Umbra as well as I should have considering that I pledged to it on the day that the action RPG's Kickstarter campaign launched, but I'll make up for that now by bringing you up to speed on updates #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5, the lot of which introduce us to the game world, boss monsters, housing system, and more. Here's a quote from the latest update on lore:

For this update, we decided to provide you with an extract of the current rough draft of one of the books that you will be able to read in-game. Once funded, we'll be able to revisit and expand the drafts we have for the lore of Umbra, polishing the story and improving on the writing. We hope you will enjoy the world we are creating with your help!

The kingdom of Alia was one of the three different kingdoms ruling the known world. In the north, the Varg dynasty reigned over the vast frozen land and its barbarian tribes. In the south and east, the powerful wizards of the Laibon family reigned over beautiful and exotic lands. In the West, the Alia kings united many tribes into a strong and proud nation.

These kingdoms date back to over 1500 years ago when the dreadful Giants were marching over the world. These powerful creatures were feeding on anything they found, including humans... and their craving for flesh terrorized mankind.

Around this time, the first human touched by magic appeared. Magic was an incredible asset against the Giants, and this lead to the magician becoming a hero. Magic was seen as a gift from Amon, the only god mankind believed in.

The Magician taught the art of magic to others, and soon mankind became strong enough to defeat the Giants. It was thanks to the victory over the Giants, and to the sense of belonging brought to each group of humans around the world of Umbra, that the three kingdoms of Alia, Laibon and Varg came to be.

Curiously, these three kingdoms were separated by large natural frontier of mountains and a vast sea, making travel extremely difficult. The kingdoms lived in relative peace and separated from each other, only interacting at most thanks to the small caravans of merchants that had to make a living by risking their lives as they traveled between the kingdoms.

These small exchanges started to lead to technological advances from mankind thanks to a combination of expertise, experimentation and luck. Transportation became easier, which opened the door to the human of all three kingdoms to travel in large groups by land or sea to gaze at the architecture and at the natural marvels of the other kingdoms, something unthinkable during the Age of Giants. But among all the kingdoms, the only one who successfully managed to link magic and technology was Alia.

But then 300 years ago the Republic rose from the ashes, once the last King of Alia was beheaded after a violent revolution. The death of the King, protector of mankind on Earth, was seen as an insult to the God Amon. Therefore, the Priests and Magicians, key elements of the society of Alia, decided to escape before it was too late, disappearing into the shadows.