Seven Dragon Saga's Dragonkin, Profiled

There's a new blog article up on the TSI Games website that seeks to keep us informed about the Drakes, Wyrms, and various Dragonkin that populate the world in their upcoming RPG Seven Dragon Saga. Some 3D renders accompany the article, and I'll do some quoting below:

Wyrms tend to be bulkier, stronger and more heavily armored than their airborne counterparts. These ferocious dragonkin prefer to lair underground where the darkness and confined spaces may hinder their prey's vision and mobility.

They like to get up close and personal' in combat, and often have earth magic and special powers (fire breath, poison breath, launchable spines) to back up their formidable physical attacks.


These smaller, airborne dragonkin nest in the mightiest trees and the most isolated rocky outcrops. A Drake's favored hunting strategy is to soar high in the air, using its sharp eyesight to locate prey. It will then dive and strike in a startling display of speed and agility. While a Wyrm might be willing to grind its prey down through brute force, a Drake needs to finish the fight swiftly before its wings tire or it incurs injury. Possessing thinner scales than a Wyrm, a Drake will favor special attacks (fire, poison or lightning breath) over close-quarters combat.

Advice to Adventurers, regarding Dragons from Baljeet Glimmertooth, Explorer and Profiteer

Dragons might make terrible parents, but they still care for their offspring, after a fashion. What I mean is, they're happy to abandon them to look after themselves, but they get mighty temperamental when others slaughter their offspring or lay waste to their homes. Not to mention the risk that the tipsy Drakyri barmaid you're about to take advantage will turn out to be a full-blown dragon in shapeshifting guise, one who has just popped in for a bit to see how the kiddies are doing.

So here's my advice, for what it's worth. Dragons make bloody fine allies and bloody awful enemies. Even if you are one of these Touched jokers, waving your imperial decree in a dragon's snout is only going to get you crisped. Treat dragons and their kin with respect and you might just have a long and fruitful life here on the Firewind Coast.