Rumor: Fallout 4 to be Shown Behind Closed Doors at E3

According to German videogame website PC Games, Bethesda intends to announce Fallout 4 at the end of its E3 conference. The website received this information from someone they claim is an industry insider with ties to Bethesda, who also added that the game will be showcased with a 20 to 30 minutes detailed gameplay video but won't be released this year, heavily implying a 2016 release.

It should be noted that, by their own admission, the folks at PC Games have been unable to verify these claims. This doesn't mean PC Games had no way or made no attempt to verify the source's identity and credibility, but rather that they asked Bethesda directly and were met with silence. However, it certainly means that these claims should be treated as rumors and approached with a fair helping of salt.

Thanks, VG247.